An Experience Like No Other With Cirque Du Soleil

Prepare to be amazed by La Nouba at Walt Disney World in Orlando. Presented by the incomparable Cirque du Soleil, this performance combines theatrics and acrobatics in a way we have come to expect from this most original of entertainment troupes. The magical Disney resort is the perfect setting for a family-friendly show that is truly out of this world.

La Noubahas enjoyed incredible success since its premiere in 1998 and celebrated its 6000th performance in August. With two nightly shows taking place from Tuesday to Saturday every week, which adds up to nearly five hundred a year, La Nouba and its colourfully-clad cast have become favourites at their home in Downtown Disney’s West Side. The show is firmly established as one of Cirque du Soleil’s most popular events, and has now seen more performances than such Broadway favourites as Mamma Mia! and Miss Saigon.

Because the main performing area is at the centre of a large, semicircular theatre, every seat in the house is a good one. This means that even if a show sells out – as La Nouba often does – you will still be guaranteed a first-class view of one of the most extraordinary live events you are likely to attend. Be warned, however: the fact that there is a stage does not mean that the performance is limited to it! You might find yourself sat next to one of the show’s characters and may even be called upon to assist them during a BMX biker act! The Cirque du Soleil performers show an energetic friendliness and are always keen to interact with audiences, which only serves to strengthen the performer-spectator bond for which the company are famous.

It is fair to say that there is nothing like watching a Cirque du Soleil performance, and it is impossible not to be spellbound by the many acts and multiple costume changes which make up La Nouba. With displays including a ninety-foot high wire, a flying trapeze and a trampoline act which sees cast members bouncing from wall to wall, this bizarre and engaging show is sure to enthral adults and children alike. La Nouba, like all Cirque du Soleil shows, is constantly evolving. Since it started thirteen years ago, two thirds of the cast – and much of the performance itself – has changed. Even if you have experienced La Nouba before, a repeat visit would be highly recommended: you can guarantee seeing something new every time you return.